Jealousy is the ugliest trait. Just know when people try to destroy your name and break you down it’s nothing but the works of the devil. They will come up with anything to bring you down, destroy your name, leave you out for dry, use your knowledge, lie on you, call you a liar, they […]

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I hope she is the woman of your dreams. I hope she is the girlfriend you long for on lonely nights. I hope she talks sports with you. I hope she watches the games with you. I hope she can talk politics. I hope she can read and pass a book on to you that […]

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Can’t Sleep

I remember the days when my Mom would say “I couldn’t sleep because I was worried something was going to happen to y’all,” when we were out all night… We use to laugh it off but if I didn’t understand that feeling before I definitely understand it feel it now more than ever. My brothers, […]

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Black Magic

  Growing up black was hard to determine.. I was not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. All we saw were bad things of black people and all we wanted to see was a way out.  On July 13, 2013 I sat and watched George Zimmerman walk away as a […]

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Don’t Hurt Yourself

It was hard for me to accept change. Accepting losing someone was even harder. Accepting that I have to move on was even harder than that.. “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go..” I didn’t want to lose myself in the process of losing you but I did. I didn’t want to […]

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Every since Beyonce’s Lemonade album dropped last Saturday social media has been in an uproar about what the hell she is actually talking about. I think she is very transparent about what she is talking about on this album… In these past few recent years it has all been about getting back to the black […]

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