The next level

living in this day and age I would have to admit it is very trying. The old heads would say we have it easy but I would have to disagree to that.. 

We live in world that tells you how to dress, what to believe in, what to watch, what to eat , where to shop, what music to listen to, what your friends should look like, what car to drive, what to dream and what you your future should be like.  It is advertised more to have money, cars, big houses and all the great materlistic things.. 

It’s all about the get rich quick schemes and teaching us to have it now and you should have success now. The generation no longer wants to work hard and being a model, singer, rapper and photographer is more glorified than becoming a teacher, lawyer or a doctor. 

It is hard. I’ll admit it is hard when you live in the day and age of social media! 

I challenge everyone to read books, spend time with yourself, get to know yourself, dream a new dream and find what makes you happy! Find what makes you happy and pursue it.

Take the journey and really dig deep down inside what it is you would like to do with your own life. People are going to disagree, they are going to try to stop you and make you feel like you have less than them. Just know when you find yourself, love yourself, surround yourself with those who love you and what you are doing with your own life… You have made it to the next level.. 

You can inspire a whole world by just being you and follow your own goals. 



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