No one likes to be put down and no one lik a to feel like a failure. Downfalls are nothing but blessings in disguise.. We fall so we can get back up.. Were taken to the bottom of the pit just so we can fight our way back to the top. Denial is God’s way of telling us this isn’t the right path, take another..

When I expirence downfalls, I hope, I pray and do everything in my own power and with the Lord’s power to get back on top of things. Once I let go and put things in God’s hands.. Problems what were big became small..

You are an overcomer and you will get through anything! Keep God first and stay prayed up. 

Downfalls teaches us lessons,they make us stronger and helps us appreciate where we use to be and where we are today!

It’s not where you been, it’s where you’re going! 


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