I am not perfect. Every single day I try to reach perfection. Driving myself crazy trying to be the best me.. Comparing myself to others, happy about their success but inside I’m tearing myself to shreds.

I am not pretty enough.

I am not fashionable enough.

I am not skinny enough.

I am not thick enough.

I am not smart enough.

I am not friendly enough. 

I am not good enough because I have achieved nothing compare to others achievements.

I feel like shit most times after someone is telling me about their success! Genuinely happy for others but stooping my self esteem lower and lower. 

I am aware that I am not perfect. I am aware that I must pick myself up and continue to fight for what I want. 

I have to understand that no one is perfect and that I must continue to work on myself everyday.

Just like you, I get lost in my thoughts when I compare myself to other people. Together we can overcome and love ourselves! Be the best you can be. Know yourself and love yourself. 

I am not perfect for having such bad thoughts but I am a working progress.


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