Do you have Grit? Grit is something I learned about when I was researching motivation. Just like everything else in the world there are levels of motivation. Throughout my research Grit stuck with me. It’s when someone has the ability to stick to a long term goal despite of the trials that come their way. They overcome anxiety, depression, setbacks that this goal may has cause them. Something knocks them down they get back up. They don’t listen to what others may say they should do with their life. They do not let money become their motive. They are on a pursuit of happiness. They don’t just go to college and choose what’s going to be the easiet or what will make them the most money. They preservere through what may seem impossible. These people take whatever talents or gifts they have to make the world a better place. The people with the most grit are the ones who have the major setbacks and still manage to comeback with great success. They say not everyone has grit but I disagree. I do believe not everyone knows what they are capable of and could have grit if they knew the things they could do with their lives. 

I encourage everyone to find your grit. Find what makes you happy and pursue it. Live through no one else’s means but yours. Those who have true happiness have found the real success.


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