Lately the war in social media between African Americans/blacks is all about shades. Dark skin vs. light skins. I have also joked a few times about the latest conversation but there is a problem with the  “war” between shades. It is tearing a race apart. Now many will not think this deep into this but it’s happening. We are telling each other that one shade is better than the other. That puts men and women self esteem down. People start to believe that they are less than because they don’t quite fall into the stereotype that’s getting all of the praise. Some blacks won’t date other blacks because of their shade. They won’t even get to know the other person because of their skin. Some people assume someone is ugly because of their shade but who said dark was more beautiful than light or vice versa? I believe it’s just another way to make us hate ourselves… 

We must stop falling with trends and be mindful of what we say to each other. All of our shades are beautiful. We are beautiful people. We should not tear each other apart and belittle each other based off our shade. Why do it to ourselves when we would hate for another race to do it to us? We should look beyond what our skin looks like and get to know each other’s soul. Never will I think I am better than someone else because of my skin complexion. Never will I look down on someone because of my skin complexion. I rather get to know the soul of indiviuals and uplift them. 

I just want my fellow African Americans to know that we are all beautiful. We are created in God’s image. No matter what the media portrays we will always remain beautiful no matter the shade. Love yourself first and then learn to love and uplift others and let them know that they are beautiful too. 

Stay strong and watch what you say to others. You may be tearing someone’s self esteem down with your words. Be careful and stay true to yourself.


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