Get rid of the toxic situations in your life. It could be family, relationships, friends or your job. Things that are toxic are things that add no value to your life but suck life away from you..

 Toxic things can cause depression, low self esteem, anxiety, stuck feelings, have you feeling less than or maybe even worthless. 

You’re constantly putting value into toxic situations that will never work! This is not because of you but because of the situations you choose to stick with.  

Toxic people only see the negative in things and will do anything to make you feel just as shitty as they feel on a regular basis about their own life. 

Family, relationships and friendships are the biggest things in our lives. We cling to people because they’re family, we knew them for a long time or because we’re in love… 

Let go of those toxic sitautions in your life and start living life for you. Be better and have better because you are capable of doing so!

 It is hard to let go but you have to be selfish and think of yourself sometimes. Let go of the family members that only talk down on every good situation that’s not about them. Let go of the relationships that only tear you down mentally, psychically and emotionally. Let go of the fake friends that don’t respect you as a person. Let go of the job that chooses to overlook your skills.

Life is too short to be treated like crap! Love yourself and do what truly makes you happy. It’s time to make a change and that time is now! 


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