Last night I watched a Different World on Netflix. Jaleesa was 26 and just starting college and even though she was older than the others she kept pushing through and let go of the fact people were calling her old and talking about her past..

I was up and down about turning 25. All the smart remarks of getting old by younger people. Not exactly where I planned to be at this age but it’s alright. Had a great weekend and I just reflected that everything is going to be okay and to put my blinders on. I do not have to explain what I am doing it but I know I’m doing what’s best for me. Yeah I’m 25 but I’m much wiser than before and I saw this weekend how my friends see my as the big sister and I appreciate being someone they see as a big sister. 

It’s definitely a different world than before but I am going to embrace my growth, speak what needs to be spoke and always put me first. Life will go on and people will carry their lives on no matter what you did for them or who you were to them. 

Like Jalessa I will continue to push forward regardless of what others have to say. 

Cheers to 25💁🏽


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