There Is A King In Youđź‘‘

Lately I have notice the epidemic of people around the ages of 18-26 not knowing who they are or even where they want to go in life.  I would say this generation is the lost generation. We sit between the greats who have gone on before us to celebrities who get famous off of Instagram. We’re in the day and age where it looks like everything has already been done and we are just here to fall in place…

There are musicians who work day and night just to be heard just so their neighbor who plays with an app gets famous of a silly tune and an old school dance. Dancers who are told to get a real job because their dream doesn’t pay bills. Students who would love to be an elementary school teacher but told they must major in engineering because it just makes more money..

This lost generation is filled of anger, depression, anxiety because we are being told what to do and being lead by those before us but not by encouragement but by being ridiculed and looked down upon because your daddy was a doctor and you rather paint on a canvas for a living.. They’ll praise Michealangelo but tell their child to be realistic it doesn’t pay bills.. Art is a hobby..

Who are they to tell us who we should be in life? Who are they to stop us from speaking on truths and being proud in what we believe in? Who are they to tell us we aren’t the smartest generation because we think different? I call them dream killers. They’re not just dream killers but passion killers.. These people are your parents, friends, teachers, neighbors, community leaders, the government and maybe even your pastors..

 The negativity of not being happy for others pursing goals, being jealous, being upset or angry because someone is ahead of you and you seem to be on a hiatus of achievements are things passed down to us. You see the dream killers want the best for us but instead of being patient and kind they rather tear us down because we’re not where they want us to be or because we’re where they want to be..We are taught to obey our parents and it says it in the bible too.. Again, who are they to tell me what to be passionate about? Who are they to crush all my dreams and aspirations because they never fulfilled theirs and just fell in line..?

I listen to the song There Is A King In You by Donald Lawerence every morning. Each time I receive a new message from it. The main message I receive is that God is always with me. He is the King and he is in my heart. So it doesn’t matter where I came from, what I been through or where I am right now but only where I am going. It is a reminder that I am somebody and I am royalty and there’s nothing in this world that can stop me from fulfilling what God has in store for me. 

So the world can tell us that we are crazy and  that we do not know what we’re doing. Maybe it’s true but no one can tell you what God has placed in your heart. Keep rising and help others rise as well. One day we will be conquering the world.

Just always remember there is a King in you and you will do things that go far beyond your imagination if you continue to work hard, have humility, stay prayed up and allow God to guide your steps.

Every great person was looked down upon. They persecuted Jesus, laughed at Moses, said Einstein would be slow, locked up Nelson Mandela and told us we will never see a black person in office..


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