Have you ever had a friend that only showed up for things they wanted to show up for? They show up for things that only benefit them? Do they like to act as if they have no one to support them but in reality have the biggest support system anyone could ask for? Do you have a friend that wants all the love and wants everyone to celebrate them but they can’t even show up to a birthday dinner because they are “busy” or like to pretend they are.. 

Everything we do in life involves a choice. One of the most important choices we can make is being there for a love one in a time of need or just showing support. 

Now and days it seems like people only make choices that only benefits them.. One thing I have learned in life is that people will make time for what they WANT to make time for..

 It could be your birthday, your graduation, wedding day, baby shower or child’s birth and people will find an excuse on why they could not come…  

This type of person is selfish. 

They are the type of people who will complain to their other friends, try to throw shade on social media, and try to throw a fit because people did not show up for them… 

These selfish individuals constantly want everyone to be there for them but when it’s their turn to show the same support they are no where to be found. 

I just want those selfish type of people to know that everything you miss in someone life that is important to you.. Will come back to you. So remember when you are complaining about someone not supporting you or making an appearance for you.. Remember how many choices you decided to make over those important people in your life. Remember those times you didn’t take the effort to even get off to make someone’s graduation, birthday dinner, concert or just to be there as a friend.. 

We all make choices. Sometimes the most important choice we can ever make is deciding to be there for a love one or a friend. Those are times you will never get back.

Are you that type of friend?



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