How dare you.

They’ll say anything to lower our worth because we got it and they don’t. They’ll tell us we’re too head strong, have an attitude, have too much drive and is too independent to ever be loved by someone else.. 

They’ll use us to get to the next level or be little us to feel more of a man.. They’ll tell us anything to make sure our self esteem stay where they want our self esteem to be. They want us to be independent but only under their circumstances.. 

They applaud us for going above and beyond but only when they got it too..

That very moment they’re not ahead is the second we’re too independent..

How dare they try to tear us down and make us feel like nothing even though we have accomplished everything.. 

How dare they let their insecurities take over their lives..

They can’t even admire a successful black woman when they see one..

It’s funny you know.. It’s all good when they’re up and you’re down..

Let the roles change and we’re trying to wipe out a race..

How dare they look down on our success.. 

How dare they ignore how far black women have came..

How dare they not take on the challenge of a woman being just as good as them or even better..

They use to be soo brave..

How dare you black men.. 

How dare you.


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