You see nobody is perfect. We all have flaws but what makes us beautiful is perfecting those flaws or growing from those flaws.

I have a hard time dealing with people who throw other people and their flaws under the bus and they haven’t dealt with theirs..

I have a hard time understanding someone that can talk so low of someone else but mentally think they are perfect..

I have a hard time looking in someone’s eyes who believes their own lies and think they’re so holier than thou and they don’t need a check in the mirror.

The mirror is the one place we can look and see our authentic self.. 

We can embrace what we see or grow from what we see..

How many times have you checked your mirror? Do you see your authentic self? Can you handle the truth? 

Or is your mirror broken and you only see the perfection of what you think you are?

We all need to grow..

Check your mirror every once and awhile..


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