Letting Go


“False friendship, like ivy decays and ruins the walls it embraces, but true friendship gives new life and animation to the object it supports.” – Richard Burton

I was once told that I was wrong for the way I cut people out of my life. I believe when it is time for me to let go of a toxic situation then it is time for that person to go.  I could never understand how I could be wrong for choosing what’s best for me. Even after I have forgiven the person and let go of the situation why would I allow someone to continue to linger around spewing negativity and toxins into my life? It just doesn’t quite make sense to me. Homies will always be homies but when is it the right time for you to make the decision that you are trying to grow and there is no growth here? I say it’s that very moment when they do not support your vision. That moment when all they can do is throw in your face what you use to do but cannot see the person who have become. That moment when you are no longer interested in the things that you use to do because it is no longer you. I think people keep old friends around because they are afraid of the unknown. They are afraid that they actually have to learn somebody new. Afraid of being lonely, afraid of not being liked or not being understood..

I believe it is very important to get to know you for you. Do not let old friends dictate who you are because that is all they know.  You have to know when it is time to let go of friendships that serve no value in your life.  How long are you going continue to get mad at what someone else does? It’s their life. The fact that it is consuming your life, your attitude, your whole thought process towards that person is a sign to let go of that person. We all want to see our friends grow, be successful and be happy in life. We cannot grow for them. We can want nothing but silver and gold for them but if they do not want to change and grow it is their life to decide to do that. What you can do for you own life is either continue to get frustrated with them because they are not changing or pray for them, separate yourself from them and let them learn the life lessons they need to learn.

You have to learn to let go to protect your own self. We can’t save everybody. Especially when they do not want to be saved. So value the good times and continue on with life but even more important value the friends that actually care about you. Value the friends that pray for you, the friends that are by your side no matter what, value the friendships that uplift you, value the friends that respect you, value the friends that have now became family. Three great friends are better than twelve fake best friends.

It is hard to find true friendship. I truly value every friend that I have. They are my team, my support system, my rock and through each of them I have learned many lessons but the one lesson that always stuck with me was to always remember that they are there for me when I need them..

Filter out those toxic friendships.

Always remember to think about what is best for your growth. Not everybody gets to be apart of your life journey forever..

I thank God for placing my true friends in my life. They are absolutely the greatest.





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