Pandora’s Box

Closed off.


Never wanted to feel.


Hate the feeling of being weak.

Despised L. O. V. E.

Relationships were a sign of death & being single meant life.

Single meant that you only got as close as I wanted you too & I could come and go as I pleased..

but you..

You just had to go deeper.

You made me open up..

I try to stop but the words continue to roll off my lips as vulnerability became normal..

Being free started to mean something different

The feel of being wanted became a thing..

All feelings were on the table..

I kept hope close…

Now as I try to shove everything back in, I can’t seem to find the missing pieces..

I can’t find the words that I once said so freely …

I want to take it all back and put them away to never to be said again but I just can’t..

Somewhere along the way I became an open book..

As I fight everyday to be the girl who once gave no fucks again.. I realize she no longer exist..

You my friend have opened Pandora’s box.



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