Every since Beyonce’s Lemonade album dropped last Saturday social media has been in an uproar about what the hell she is actually talking about. I think she is very transparent about what she is talking about on this album…

In these past few recent years it has all been about getting back to the black power, fighting for justice, feminism, God and love. It has been often said that our black celebrities do not say or do enough when it comes to the black culture. Black people will say hey “Why didn’t Lil Wayne build one million houses for those people who lost their homes in New Orleans?” Or “Why don’t Jay-z ever give money to the black colleges?” Or my favorite “Why didn’t J.Cole, Kendrick and  show up for our neighborhood march for justice.” It is a constant complaint on what the celebrities should be doing for us. Just because they are not marching or paying for your education does not mean they are not taking a stand for what they believe in. Artist often express their feelings about society through their music. Have you ever taken the time to actually sit, listen and think about the words that are in a song? I know most people hate “lyrical” music but there’s always a message. You can listen and concentrate on the words and interpret them yourself or you can get on social media and let the world tell you how you should feel about the song..

okay back to Lemonade..

If the visuals wasn’t enough for you to understand where Beyonce is coming from I’ll simply tell you.. She is talking about infidelity that happens in the black culture. She talks about how black women are served lemons in life and will still make lemonade no matter what the circumstances are. Infidelity in the black community has been swept under the rug for many years. The wife will look away for years and continue to keep the family together. It easy to say well those women are dumb for staying but just think…Think about how many family secrets are swept under the rug in the black community and not one member of the family does a thing to make a change. How many women know that their husband is out with a “Becky” and the children know too and the wife does nothing. How many women know that their daughters are being molested or raped by their fathers or uncles and never say a thing for the sake of the “family”. How many black women kept a hold of their secrets and never enlighten their daughters, granddaughters and nieces about their stories and continue to sit back watch generations of women fall in line to what could have been stopped generations ago…

Lemonade simply brings awareness to the black community about infidelity and how women learn from their mothers how to carry on relationships, family and life lemons.

“You look nothing like your mother. You look everything like your mother.”

As a female we take on what was taught to us and pass it down to our children. We do the same things our mothers do even if it isn’t on purpose. We watched, we grew and learned from our mother how to carry ourselves and how to handle different situations. Until you have awareness of what is considerate right and what is considerate wrong we will fall in line and do exactly what the women before us did by accepting things that are not okay. Beyonce used the quote above to say we may not look like our mothers but at the same time look everything like her because we do the same things our mothers do.

If you just take a minute to listen for yourself and apply it to your own life or what you have seen or raise questions you will see that this may apply to you as well. When you know your history you can change your future.

Also, have you ever notice that when one of our black artist is trying to make us feel good about being black that immediately society finds away for us to ignore that we should all be proud of being black? Instead of focusing on the message we are now trying to figure out who cheated with who, who likes Beyonce and who doesn’t, how we should pay attention to the election and not Beyonce as if we cannot multitask?

Pay attention they will always find away for us to not be on the same page as a culture.

Be aware. Grow. Learn. Achieve. Pass on greatness.





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