Black Magic


Growing up black was hard to determine.. I was not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. All we saw were bad things of black people and all we wanted to see was a way out.  On July 13, 2013 I sat and watched George Zimmerman walk away as a free man from murder. After the verdict was read I watch how all the news experts try to justify why this was right. I watch my community act as if nothing was going on.. Immediately I felt frighten for my brothers. All I could think of were my brothers, cousins and friends who walk around every single day minding their own business but getting racially profiled by their neighbors and cops because they look “suspicious”. For a minute the world forgot about Trayvon Martin but I never did.. How can you sit back and forget something that can happen to your own brother? How can you sit back and not want to strap up for the protection of your own family? How can you sit back and not want to make a change?

The here after is a hustle! We want it NOW! The burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander.

In 2013 I started to search for my purpose.. In many ways I already knew what it was but I was not clear on it. I was completely uninterested in my major. I have hated school since I was in kindergarten but I knew it was something I must do. So I took some time off.. I started studying, analyzing and really thinking about the black community. I sat back and watch how they portrayed us on TV. I sat and analyzed how much time me and my friends talked about all of our favorite shows which weren’t the best influences on our lives. Yes it is just entertainment but entertainment is also a way of mind control. I realized that most of these shows wasn’t healthy and I saw myself getting mad when my conversation was all about Monday night at 8 and couldn’t be about why haven’t things change or what can we do to change? I have always half disagreed with the “If we want change we must change ourselves”… Why? Because even though you are not 100% changed person does not mean you cannot help your community or help another person. We need to pull each other up instead of changing and looking down on others..

Being at a HBCU has opened my eyes the most on how black people around my age group think.  It is where I see most black young people excited about keeping things the way things are and not willing to accept change. This is a dangerous mindset and I can’t lie this was sickening to me. I couldn’t blame them because most things are comfortable when they have not change. The constant complaints were other schools were better because they provided different things that were better. When the school made decision to make things better not for that particular year but years to come it was a problem. PWIs were glorified and hated at the same time. I attended a PWI and for games it was like a gamble. You put your name in and hope and pray that you get a ticket to the big game or you would have to pay but here games were completely free no matter who was playing. There you had to find your own transportation to the games because the bus doesn’t run often on Saturday and here you could roll out of bed and walk without having to worry about transportation… Now the grass on the other side may always look greener but most times it’s not. Full blown arguments on how an HBCU is better because of the pride but don’t even want to support the teams at a FREE game because they aren’t winning… PWIs do. If athletes choose to go to PWIs to feel support then they will. All these thoughts ran through my head like why do they think this way?  And after spending much time of hearing different sides, seeing different perspectives and I came up with this is a learned habit..  This learned habit is from the elderly in our family. So content with the way things are they do not care for a change. The change could be simply changing them to treat family members better but they decide to stay how they are and everyone conforms and says they are “stuck” in their ways so we should just accept it…

Another huge argument I am seeing in my generation is the light skin vs. dark skin battle. In slavery times you were glorified if you were light skin that means you worked in the house. If you were dark you were in the field. Now, in this generation I have heard both men and women say they wouldn’t date someone because they were too dark or because they were light skin… Soooo no one thinks this type of thinking is wrong? Or the one that personally bothers me when black women obsessed over these Facebook photo edited children and wish their children come out looking like them. Ya’ll do realized most of those kids do not look like that right? What if your child does not come out looking like that? I highly doubt you will love it less than. From color to where we actually come from… More blacks are proud to say I am black and Native American or black and white or black and Puerto Rican than they are willing to accept that they just maybe have ancestors from Africa… You glorify other cultures but shit on your own and then argue “I AM NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN I AM BLACK!”Or my personal favorite “I aint never been to Africa I aint from there!” well majority of you never been to Europe, Puerto rico or visited a Native American reservation either but that doesn’t stop you from claiming that race. This mindset has to stop. They made us hate each other and be colorist towards each other so we can be divided. We are ALL equally worthy of accomplishing all things and breaking barriers within our families, relationships, friendships, education, work and in politics.

Well that was out the way but back to my purpose… I always loved being black. I can say that has not always been the case. It was times where I question myself growing up. I always knew there were better days and that I could do more and be more and I did not have to be stuck physically, mentally and emotionally. I studied all the greats who open the doors before me and how they stood up for their rights and what they believe in to make the BLACK culture better. I was completely inspired. I wanted to know ways I could contribute because if anything we are moving backwards. Not just the big cities need to make noise but every city need to make noise on how black lives matter…

My black magic is to always uphold the truth of our culture. To let my brothers and sisters know they can be better. To uplift the young black children to keep pushing through school and teach them how important it is to learn how to research our own history because they no longer want to teach us, read, write and do math. To let my peers know that we will overcome and that we can go anywhere no matter where we come from and how we were raised. To be that reminder that life will hit you every single way but keep getting up. To let people know it is okay to stop what you are doing to pursue what truly makes you happy. To let black people know we are ALL beautiful no matter the shade or how we look. All great things take time but it starts somewhere. If being in school forever make me clown just know my happiness is more important than society success clock for me. I am more than what you can see and my future brighter than any star and so is yours. So keep pushing..

AND to my white “friends”… When you racially profile someone and you are “afraid” of them or you think they are acting “suspect” because simply of how they look… Just wanted to let you know that is highly offensive if you haven’t notice yet. What if my brother walked into my work place? Would you say the same about him? You probably would because you wouldn’t know he was my brother. Saying things like “you know, he’s cool he’s your brother!” wouldn’t cut it. My respect for you is already gone…


ANYWAYS! Black magic is a way of life. It is something that helps us feel good about being black. It helps us acknowledge all the greatness we have accomplished. I am so proud of being black! And as long as we are in this war of racism we will forever need to stand up and help our own communities anyway we can. Just talking about it does not cut it. Start a protest, go to a march, volunteer, teach, become a lawyer, get petitions signed, become a voice. Nothing is too small and everything helps. It takes more than one person to make a change.

So will you join me?

Just because were magic, does not mean we are not real.


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