Why is it in our 20s must we feel pressured to have it all together? Why does the world make us feel less than if we don’t have the right jobs, have a degree, have our own place, haven’t found love or haven’t earn enough money. Why are we forced in the box of adulthood to be stabilized and live the same for the next 50 plus years? Why does society stressed that if you haven’t made it you are behind. 

Haunted by “success” as I scroll down my timeline. 

How can I grow and learn and also meet the expectations of the world. How can I have 5 years of experience when I just got educated on something I wanted to do. Why can’t I be single and successful and not look down upon because I didn’t choose to have children or become married just quite yet. Why do peers look down on each other because it appears that we don’t have what they have? 
In reality we’re barely keeping our heads above water. Trying to find the perfect job, trying to find love, trying to follow our dreams and trying to live life at our full potential while maintaining a social life.

How are we suppose to maintain a job when they’re aren’t hiring? How am I suppose to travel when I’m barely making it? How am I suppose to be married when I can’t even keep a relationship? How are we selfish for not wanting a family right away but only want to worry about ourselves? Why are we looked at funny because we know there’s so much more to life?

Think before the next time you pass judgement on someone else journey status. 

It may appear on social media that you got that perfect house, car, ring and job but how do you feel when you see yourself in the mirror. Is you happy?

They say the 20s are the best time in your life but the stress doesn’t make it feel that way. So cheers to those in their 20s whose still struggling to make the best of their lives. 

Embrace your journey. You will be great & your time will come.


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