Jealousy is the ugliest trait. Just know when people try to destroy your name and break you down it’s nothing but the works of the devil. They will come up with anything to bring you down, destroy your name, leave you out for dry, use your knowledge, lie on you, call you a liar, they will spread rumors, use your resources to get on top and leave you behind! The works of the devil always looks good to others. The devil will use the weak to try to bring you down. To the blind they seem successful. To the weak they’re the side to choose. To the uncertain they’re god. Be careful when you glorify people you just may be glorifying the works of the devil as they tear another person down. Just remember when the devil is working that hard to make you look like dirt, God has a blessing that’s beyond your imagination coming your way. What goes around will ALWAYS come back around and what’s done in the DARK will always come to light. So it may look like the devil has won the battle but he will never win the war. Keep this in mind and keep your head up. Don’t be weak.
God bless✊🏾


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