Every since Beyonce’s Lemonade album dropped last Saturday social media has been in an uproar about what the hell she is actually talking about. I think she is very transparent about what she is talking about on this album… In these past few recent years it has all been about getting back to the black […]

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Have you ever lost yourself and you didn’t even realize you were lost? You just woke up and realized that time has passed and you don’t even know happen.. It can be hard to get back up again.. It can be hard to find yourself after being lost for so long but you must do […]

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Pandora’s Box

Closed off. Distant. Never wanted to feel. Fear. Hate the feeling of being weak. Despised L. O. V. E. Relationships were a sign of death & being single meant life. Single meant that you only got as close as I wanted you too & I could come and go as I pleased.. but you.. You […]

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Life is a game. You either lose or you win. You can stay down or you can get back in the game.. You can pause but it’s important to get back in the game. Never let them see you sweat and never let them take you out forever. You are strong, you are bright, you […]

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Letting Go

“False friendship, like ivy decays and ruins the walls it embraces, but true friendship gives new life and animation to the object it supports.” – Richard Burton I was once told that I was wrong for the way I cut people out of my life. I believe when it is time for me to let […]

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You either make a change or you don’t. It’ll sneak up that’s what the devil does.. You either fall back or you continue to push forward in being better. You embedded in your mind this is how I like things and this is what it’ll be and that what it is.. You ever ask yourself […]

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You see nobody is perfect. We all have flaws but what makes us beautiful is perfecting those flaws or growing from those flaws. I have a hard time dealing with people who throw other people and their flaws under the bus and they haven’t dealt with theirs.. I have a hard time understanding someone that […]

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